Friday, June 24, 2005

Website redesign at 4am

I was awakened about an hour ago by a sudden onslought of Acid-Reflux. Since I've been eating healthier, this has very rarely happened to me. Tonight we were watching the Spurs (National Champions!) and I had a couple of slices of pizza which is what caused it. When this happens about the only thing that helps is to take a Zantac 75 and drink a quart of water.

Usually, I come into the office and surf the net for about an hour and go back to bed. So, tonight, I checked my blog and it was broken (actually it was BROKEN). I decided to try to fix and nothing worked, so I chose a new template that's similar to the old one and added all of the stuff that is normally on the right side of the screen. I think it looks OK. If not, please leave a comment here or on my comment line at (763)322-1842.


yfml said...

So do you think your gastric disorder could have caused mental blockage ? I have BLANK SPACE on the right side of my screen now - nothing but BLANK SPACE !!! As Eddie Griswald says, "On the left side, okay - over here on the right, nothing !"

yfml said...

Oops ! I scrolled to the bottom of the entire month and saw the info that used to be on the right side. Is that the redesign ?