Saturday, June 25, 2005

Today's awesome plans

  1. Pick up extended family at their hotel. (Amy's sister's husband's brother & his wife - that was less confusing than the other two versions of the theory of relativity)
  2. Drive to Gruene, TX (pronounced GREEN)
  3. Hang out for an hour or so and visit a couple of shops
  4. Have a nice dinner at The Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar
  5. Enjoy The Derailers (blog tour) at Gruene Hall (Texas' Oldest Dance Hall)

Yes, you have seen a version of these plans before. First, we need to get the house cleaned up. I just finished mowing and am just taking a break to cool off.

1 comment:

the sister said...

You're sounds awesome. I wish Amy's sister and husband could be there too!