Thursday, June 02, 2005

Observations - Kenneth Reed Golden

My friend Ken died about 20 years ago. I didn't know him for that long. I met him when he was recovering from a brain tumor. We were the only two programmers (now they're called developers) at an insurance company. I wrote all of the user interface stuff (the part of the program you interact with) and Ken wrote the important stuff. One evening, Ken and I ordered a pizza and after about 15 minutes, Ken said "Time never passes as slowly as when you're waiting on a Pizza from Chanello's".

Soon after that Ken's cancer came back and it killed him on 12/23/1985. I'm older now than he was then. He made an impact on my life and I miss him. This post started as a way to quote Ken and make it funny. Instead, I feel like I needed to share a little about him. Ken left a daughter who would be in her mid 30's now. I want her to know what a great guy her dad was.

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