Friday, May 28, 2004

David Crosby tells it like it is...

This is a link to a great interview with David Crosby about the fall of the recording industry. Please read it, learn it, know it. There will be a short test later...
This interview is just a portion of the complete work.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

DVD Inventory...

A coworker turned me on to DVDProfiler. It's a great way of tracking your DVD's. It's an app that's available in both inexpensive and free versions. DVDProfiler can create reports and catalogs, and allows a place on the web to show off your inventory. Here's mine.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Movies, Movies, Movies...

If you want general information about any movie ever made, there's only one place to go, IMDB. I love comic book movies and here's a great place to learn about them before they're released. Ain't it Cool News also has much about future films.

New DVD Burner on the way...

I am finally getting a DVD burner. I have decided on the Black NEC ND-2500A. Here's a review of the drive. I ordered it about an hour ago from NewEgg along with some media. It should be here by the end of the week. I plan to use it with DeepBurner or CDBurnerXP Pro. I also use ISO Recorder Power Toy and I may also use DVD Shrink.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

1200 hours on one battery...

Possibly the coolest flashlight ever:Pak-Lite's Official Website - The 9Volt LED Flashlight! I'll still keep my Photon on my key ring, but I'll probably get one of these for the truck and traveling.

I really want a portable DVD Player...

These are the the cheapest ones I've seen. $129 for - Initial Portable DVD Player 4.2" LCD IDM-9520 or $148 for - Initial Portable DVD Player 5" LCD IDM-9530. You can see a little bit more information on it at Initial. I can also get a 3 year replacement warranty for less than $17 (probably a real good idea on stuff this cheap). I've actually changed my mind recently and want the Apex PD-450 for $139.67. It's the only inexpensive one which has Video In and Out. That will be handy for using as a monitor to my camcorder or digital camera media, with a device like the SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Huge Movie Weekend...

I haven't watched a weekend full of movies in at least a year, but this weekend, we saw the following:
All above links provided by IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Quick list of the sites I go to every day...

  1. Anandtech Deals Forum
  2. Slashdot
  3. FreeDOS
  6. got apex
  8. TinyApps.Org:Blog
  9. Shell Extension City
  10. .Google News

How do you pronounce Blog ?

I'm gonna give this Blogging thing a chance and see how it works out. I signed up for a free Angelfire Blog site on May 1. It seemed like an easy way in. I didn't really like the way it worked, so I thought I'd try Blogger. If you're here, please check out my homepage.