Monday, March 31, 2008

Solo Row Across the Atlantic

I had no idea that anyone had ever rowed across an ocean by themselves. According to Wikipedia, ocean rowing is a sport. Sam Williams is the guy in the video; if you want more information, check out his blog.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jesus Saves

That's the sign near the top of the steeple. Shot out of the sunroof on Auburn Ave last week.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lenny's Bar

Lenny's Bar is located (apparently) at 486 Decatur St SE. This is just a few hundred feet from where a tornado caused significant damage to the Stacks Lofts.

They wanted to be sure that we knew that they are still open for business.

About a week ago, they nailed a sheet of plywood to a telephone pole with 'Lenny's Bar Open' with an arrow. That was removed at some point last week.

Now, the signage has escalated. This is the retaining wall at the strip center that houses Lenny's. You can't really tell in the picture, but this is a 6 foot high wall. I saw it yesterday and assume that it will be gone soon, so I stopped on the way home and shot this picture.

I'll bet you $20 that Squiggy doesn't even know about the sign.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oakhurst Fire Station

This is the Oakhurst Fire Station. It's not every day that all of their truck are outside all at once. This place is two city blocks from our house, so if we need them, it's nice to know that they're there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally: My day in court...

About six weeks ago, I got a ticket in my truck for expired registration. The cop asked if I had the sticker on me and I said "No, but I have it at home". When he gave me the ticket, he said that all I needed to do was appear in court on my scheduled date with my receipt for my registration (dated before the ticket) and the charge would be dismissed.

Today, was my court date. I've never contested a ticket before, so I didn't know what to expect. I got there at 2:30 for a 3:00pm docket. I checked in with someone and explained my situation. I then filled out a form with my plea (Guilty, Not Guilty, or Nolo Contendre (No Contest)). I decided to plead Not Guilty. The prosecutor called me up and I discussed the situation with him and he said that he would move to dismiss the charges.

At about 3:10, the Judge entered the courtroom and we all had to rise (just to sit back down). She called everyone with a last name up to M and had them stand in a line, while she dealt with their charges and pleas. Almost all plead guilty, which didn't make much sense to me, because if you're gonna pay the ticket, you can do that by mail. I noticed that every time someone plead Not Guilty, the judge asked if they wanted to be represented by a lawyer at a hearing (which would be rescheduled at some later date).

I was starting to get concerned because I didn't want to waste another bunch of time on another day. So, then the people who have a last name beginning with a letter greater than the letter M were asked to stand in line.

Then it was my turn. I stood at the podium and was about to state "Not Guilty, Your Honor", when the prosecutor sidled up beside me and said "Your Honor, I've reviewed the documents and move that we dismiss all charges". The judge said "OK. Dismissed." and I left.

Robbed of that opportunity, I would just like to emphatically state "Not Guilty, Your Honor"!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Honey I shrunk the Passat

Today I drove Amy's Passat to the dealer for her 20,000 mile service and the airbag snsor had gone bad and that item needs to be special ordered. Since one shouldn't be driving with a bad airbag sensor, VW furnished a lovely Jetta with 2,000 miles.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A little early...

Yesterday, on our way to Alabama, we saw a woman being given a field sobriety test at 8:45AM.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tenants, Landlords and Homeowners

Today, we are all three. On Sunday, we will cease to be Tenants. With any luck, we will cease to be landlords a couple of weeks later and then we will just be homeowners...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Old Gas Pump...

It predates gasoline that costs more than $0.99 per gallon.

Downtown Atlanta - Tornado

tornado1, originally uploaded by kenbruger.

A tornado came through downtown Atlanta last night. You may be aware that until a couple of weeks ago, we lived in downtown (actually, Midtown). We're OK, there wasn't any problem in Decatur (that we're aware of).

Last night, we walked to a couple of bars in the area and when we left the second bar at 9:45, it was pouring down. We ran to a convenience store and bought garbage bags to use for raincoats. We went to bed soon after we got home.

We were aware through the night that the storm was continuing. This morning when I turned on the TV, I learned just how bad it was last night.

Thanks to Ken for the great picture. Be sure and check out his flckr account to see his additional photos.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jury Duty Recap

  • 06:30 Arrived at East Lake MARTA station in Decatur
  • 06:40 Arrived via train at Five Points MARTA Station in downtown Atlanta
  • 07:00 Arrived at court location to find out the building doesn't open until 7:30
  • 07:05 Walked around downtown until I found a place to get breakfast
  • 07:35 Arrived at court location
  • 07:45 Reported for 8:00 summons
  • 08:30 Watched a video about how the courtroom experience will be.
  • 09:30 First state jurors called
  • 09:45 Started dozing off every five minutes or so
  • 10:15 Unable to post to my blog, not sure why. Messaging application is hanging and I've rebooted my phone three times already.
  • 10:30 First Superior court jurors report to courtroom 5b. This is my group, but I wasn't lucky enough to have my name butchered by the loud lady at the podium
  • 11:25 More state jurors called. (They think they're so fancy with their red badges!)
  • 11:30 A woman's stomach growled so loud that 3 ceiling tiles fell out
  • 11:35 I decide to let y'all know that the last entry was entirely fabricated. None of it was true.
  • 12:00 I was released. My service is complete.
  • 12:15 Finally got gold teeth story posted on my blog.
  • 12:30 Arrived back at East Lake station.
  • 12:32 Headed to work. I guess I'll eat in the cafeteria.

Seems like a good deal...

I think most of us would be better served by a more subtle one or two gold teeth. Maybe this is a family special. If you're in Atlanta, I can give you directions to this place.

Jury Duty

Today I drove about a mile to the East Lake MARTA station and took the train downtown to Five Point Station. I walked about 4 blocks and am now waiting (having already been summoned).

I am in a room with about 60 people witing to hear whether we can go home or not. I'm an alternate, but I've actually been looking forward to this. Work is crazy and this gives me a bit of a break.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Goodbye Jeff

March 2, 2008

Guitarist and bandleader Jeff Healey dies in Toronto hospital

Following a lengthy struggle with cancer, Healey passes away on the eve of the release of a new blues rock album

Jeff Healey, arguably one of the most distinctive guitar players of our time, died today (Sunday March 2) in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Toronto. He was 41, and leaves his wife, Cristie, daughter Rachel (13) and son Derek (three), as well as his father and step-mother, Bud and Rose Healey, and sisters Laura and Linda. Funeral and memorial arrangements are pending. Robbed of his sight as a baby due to a rare form of cancer, retino blastoma, and he started to play guitar when he was three, holding the instrument unconventionally across his lap.