Sunday, June 19, 2005

Lunch at China Wall

Today, Amy took me to lunch at my very favorite restaurant, China Wall. Amy is not 'in the mood' for Chinese food very often, but today she suggested it.

She's known since soon after we started dating that I love their Sesame Chicken. We had been dating for no more than a couple of months and both worked for a big company about a mile from my house. I had called in sick and was feeling a little bit better. She called and offered to bring me lunch and asked me what I wanted and I said "whatever" (meaning don't go out of your way). She brought me a #22 (Sesame Chicken) with Won Ton Soup from China Wall. It was one of the first selfless gestures she ever made.

Soon after that, I fell in love with her.


BigMac said...

So you were sick before eating China Wall food? It usually happens to me after eating there. :)

YFML said...

Selfless gestures is one of Amy's trademarks, I've noticed.

eber said...

That's so sweet, almost as sweet as the sesame chicken. I really am tearing up though.