Sunday, June 26, 2005

Great time yesterday...

Yesterday, our trip to Gruene was outstanding. This picture was taken outside The Gristmill. Chuck and Susan were a hoot and three-quarters. We were hoping to see them again tonight at the Heybale show at The Continental Club tonight but declined in the interest of being able to work tomorrow.

We'll see them again in 6 weeks when we're in Alabama.


yfml said...

Great Picture ! I recognized Chuck and Susan but who were the two skinny ones on the left ? You all look fantastic ! By the way, that Alabama trip is 30 days away - not six weeks ! Woohoo !

Eber said...

Amy and Eric, you guys DO look AWESOME!!!! Wow Amy I love your blouse, top, shirt whatever the hell you call it, I LIKE IT!!! It carries that I'm Southwestern AND Sexy vibe. I don't mean to sound forward, but I would like to touch your shirt!!!

See you soon guys!!! I'm with you yfml, WOOHOO!!!