Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The stars are aligned against me...

Yesterday morning, I showed up at Clay Madsen Rec Center to swim at 9:00. The damned water aerobics women had all but two lanes blocked. Each of those lanes had two swimmers already and one person waiting. Since it was late, I didn't have another chance to swim yesterday.

Since there are no more weekend days this month to make it up, I decided I would add 8 laps each day for the next 3 days which will allow me to make my commitment (distance). Today, I got up early and showed up about 6:15 and every lane was in use. I came home and then went back about 8:45 and was able to swim 32 lengths (.45 miles).

I want to make a commitment for July, but I need to leave myself alternatives to swimming when that's not an option. I do plan to up swimming to a half mile (.51 miles) when I do swim.


yfml said...

That's a bummer about the women taking over the world (well, at least the swim lanes) but keep up the good work - you look great !

Anonymous said...

Good job E! Do you feel like you are in that seen from Lost in Translation in the hotel pool during water aerobics hour???

"For relaxing times, make it Suntory time."

Keep it up man!!! Don't forget to kick with your legs!

eber said...

sorry, that last stupid post was from me. since i started another comment here is another moment from lost in translation.

You want more mysterious? I'll just try and think, "Where the hell's the whiskey?"

You know double O-7?

He drinks martinis, but all right.