Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Do you want a bag ?

This simple phrase must be the first thing taught to new convenience store employees.
I finally made it to the counter. I'm third in line, so it won't be long. As soon as the clerk tells his girlfriend that some jerk just threw up in the bathroom, he's gonna start checking people out. Luckily, the woman in front took advantage of the ten minute wait to check out which lottery tickets to buy and because of that, it only took her seven minutes to decide. I'm second in line. The guy in front of me must have missed the 42 signs that checks aren't allowed, but I feel sure that they'll make an exception this one time. Finally, after having been in the store for just 23 minutes, I get four cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and bag of pretzels. I pay with a $20 and he gives me some random amount of money for change. He then says those magical words "Do you want a bag ?". Convenience, my ass.
(The above is a rant and may contain some exaggeration. I may have only been there 22 minutes.)


YFML said...

"That's funny - I don't care who you are, that's funny !

eber said...

That's great man! I felt like I was standing in line with you! You should only stop at Rudy's from now on. At least there you can get a good barbeque sandwich while you wait for the clerk to refill the nasty, gooey cheese in the nacho dispenser.