Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blog Birthday Wishes 1

Submitted by a friend of ours (and friend of the the blog):
Your blog makes me smile,
your research goes the extra mile
good days-bad days, it matters not,
maybe your blog just makes me hot

I look to your blog for wisdom and hope
Without your blog I could hardly cope
Sometimes your bloggin' makes me dance
I wish it could fit inside of my pants

Links for music and technical stuff
Your carpal tunnel from typing must be tough
Oh, how I wish I could blog like you
It would be overwhelming, what would i do

Do you blog on the toilet or when you cook
Maybe you blog while you're reading a book
So much information, where is the time
Having blog talent as yours should be a crime

Pics of blue bonnets and even your cats
mountains of info, comments and stats
So what will be your new Fortune Today
Jeff wins the contest, yippee, hooray!!!
With that attitude, you just might!

1 comment:

Eber said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you posted that man!!! That is soooo HI-larious!!! I feel sorry for your readers, but I am a golden-god of the internet. Peace,