Wednesday, May 18, 2005

And the winner is...

J-Money! Jeff !
He's a fan of my blog
and he knows where it's at.
Even in a drunken fog
his rhymes are phat.
Thanks to everyone who entered. We may do this again sometime.


Eber said...

Oh my, I never expected this! There were so many other great nominees in my category with so much more experience than I. It was an honor just to be considered. Let me think of who I have to mother told me I should have prepared a list... uhhh, let's see....
Well I COULD have done all of this without my family and friends and I did, so I would first like to thank myself for having an unfathomable amount of charm and wit... I am great. Second I would like to thank my ISP without whom I never could have sent my entry... your service sucks sometimes, but thanks anyway. I would also like to thank my many fans who frequent other people's blogs to check out my posted comments 'cause I am WAY too lazy to have my own site.

I would really like to thank Taco Bell, it is your chalupas, burritos, and mexican pizzas that have allowed me to endure many a late night session on the internet to hone my skills in the art of online communication...thank you!

Finally, I would like to thank my good friend, Eric Schulz... the producer of the greatest blog on the internet, and unlike many of you I frequent several... Zach Braff has nothing on you my friend...well maybe Garden State, Scrubs, and the voice for the little Cottonelle puppy, but his blog can't compare with the depth and diversity of information of yours.

You may wonder "Does the fun ever start?", well my friends, I think it just did!
Thanks again E!!!

Peace and love,


YFML said...

I think Jeff missed his calling. He should have been a stand-up comic ! His contest entry was fantastic and his "acceptance speech" was even funnier ! YFML