Sunday, October 09, 2005

NETGEAR - Storage Central SC101

Personally, I'm using NASLite and have been for about a year. The Netgear Storage Central looks like a much more elegant solution.
"Storage Central is easy to setup and install. Just slide in one or two 3.5” IDE disk drives of any capacity; connect Storage Central to any wired or wireless router or switch from any vendor, then configure with Smart Wizard install assistant. Now you’re ready to access files from any PC on your network, as a simple letter drive."

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yfml said...

Are you sure this complicated info shouldn't be on your Treovida blog where you have to be extremely smart to understand stuff ? By the way, do you know why people say their alarm clock went off when what it actually did was come on ?

BigMac said...

3.5" IDE disk? What's that!?