Monday, October 03, 2005

Latinitas Magazine

Thursday, Amy attended the 2005 Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Community Service Awards Luncheon. A friend of ours recieved the Luz de la Communidad (Community Visionary) Award for Latinitas, an online magazine which she created for Hispanic girls.
At the early age of twenty-five, Alicia Rascon, who was born in Mexico, is co-founder of “Latinitas” an online magazine. Latinitas is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to empower Hispanic girls to succeed through media and technology applications. Ms. Rascon has dedicated herself to providing new avenues and opening the doors to a new future for Latina youths by creating a forum where Latina girls can feel good about themselves. In 2005, the Austin Chronicle’s Best of List named Alicia Rascon, “Best Aspiring Journalist 2005.”
Above quote provided by the September 28, 2005 issue of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

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