Monday, October 10, 2005

Coolest way to wash your hands

I had lunch with some buddies today at Rudy's BBQ. Near the entrance, they have sinks to wash your hands. This automated hand washing device is new and you put your hands in the holes in the top. For 12 seconds, it sprays your hands and massages them. When you remove your hands they are clean and wet. Then, you just dry them with a paper towel (a relatively low-tech process). The roll of stickers are blue circles with white letters that boldly state "I have clean hands!".

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eber said...

I LOVE Rudy's!!! But I love to wash my hands almost as much as I like to eat at Rudy's. Well, I have to wash my hands a lot at work. Sorry, I am just confused. But I DO love Rudy's. Meet you there on Tues at 6 PM...Peace