Saturday, October 22, 2005

Changes to my blog

In the past week, I have deleted tons of spam comments. Hopefully, you don't see much of that because I delete it a couple of times per day. has a feature which may significantly reduce (or even eliminate) this crap. It's called word verification and the only apparent downside is that people who leave legitimate comments will be inconvenienced. I am doing this to keep others from making money off of my blog. Let me know if the inconvenience will keep you from leaving comments. If that's the case, I'll try to figure out a custom solution for you.

I have also included Google AdSense advertisements. I don't think that they are too obtrusive. They are context sensitive, so if people find my blog, they may very well find well-targeted ads. If not, they are on the right side of the screen and can be completely ignored. I doubt I will make much money, but if someone is going to monetize this site, I want it to be me.

Also, I have enabled the backlinks function, which will allow me to enable me to keep track of other pages on the web that link to posts on this blog.

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