Saturday, April 12, 2008

Half Price Wine ?!?!

Amy and I went to Little Azio in Decatur tonight. Some of my mosr loyal readers have dined there with us (Hey, John and Sara) or at the chain's other restaurants (Hey, Jeff). The Decatur location (at least) has half-priced bottles of wine on Saturday nights. Amy had pasta and I had a chicken salad and we split a bottle of Chianti and our total bill was $25.57. What a great price on a wonderful meal.

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Sara Quinn said...

I loved Little Azio. You don't know how lucky you are to have such great choices for eating out. We have - let's see - McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Krystal, KFC, Jacks, Taco Bell, and did I mention McDonalds, and Hardees, and Burger King, and Krystal, KFC, Jacks and Taco Bell?? I understand you have discovered a new place in Decatur we need to try - the Depeaux or some sort of spelling like that. Can't wait to try it.