Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frequent Automotive Mispronunciations

Kelley Blue Book - Frequent Automotive Mispronounciations

I was right on all of them except Jaguar which I pronounce the way all educated Americans do. Apparently, though, I pronounce Volvo incorrectly, which I don't understand because:
  • It has five letters (and only three different ones!)
  • It has two syllables (and one of them rhymes wirh "O")
  • My mother-in-law drives one (and I think she pronounces it wrong too)
See how you do...


Amy R Shipp said...

I'll be darned. Who knew Volvo was Latin?? I have definitely been saying that one wrong, along with Touareg -- although I think I pronounce it differently every time, so I may have gotten it right once or twice.

I usually say Jaguar correctly but only because I'm making fun of the Brits, not because I think it's the correct pronunciation.

Sara Quinn said...

Yes, I do pronounce it incorrectly according to that Blue Book article, but if it is okay with you, I plan to continue pronouncing it wrong because the other way sounds waaaaaay too much like a private body part!

Justin said...

LOL! Great find E. I knew all of them, but I love that they put Scion on there. I have had so many people ask me what it's like to "drive a skee-on." I always just stare at them blankly like they just asked me to help them rob a bank.