Monday, August 22, 2005

Sign of the times....

I filled my truck up with gas today. Gas was so cheap (less than a dollar a gallon) when I bought this truck (January 2002) and I lived within about a mile of my job. Now, I have about a thirty mile round trip to work.

I do need to mention that it was virtually empty. I may be able to make this tank last at least a week and a half.

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yfml said...

Did you hear about the Texaco station owner in F.P. who was killed ? He was trying to stop a customer who drove off without paying ($52.00) and the customer ran over him and killed him. It has been on all the national news. Anyway, they say it is a sign of the times. People can't afford to pay and they get desperate ! Terrible, isn't it ?
They are still looking for the customer - he was driving a Jeep Liberty - tan or light color vehicle.