Sunday, August 14, 2005

Atlanta Braves 2 - Pittsburgh Pirates 1

A couple weeks ago (July 29th) we went to see the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Our friend Jeff hooked us up with tickets 4 rows behind the Braves dugout. This is the VIP section. You don't walk to the concession stands if you're in this section. They have a menu and a waiter will be happy to take your order and bring it within a couple of minutes.

Jeff drove us from Fort Payne to Atlanta, drove us around all day in Atlanta, and then took us to the game and drove us home. This Karma insured that he would get a game ball and he did. That's him with it.

It rained for much of the game and we got soaked, but it was still awesome.


Eber said...

The idiot with the ball would like to thank E and A for the wonderful couple of weekends that he was able to spend with them in at least 2 of the 6-8 different states that they visited.

Also would like to thank E for the "School of Rock" Movie Prize Pack! Good times my friends!

Amy said...

Why is it that going to a Braves game with Jeff Eberhart is always a very memorable experience? Nothing boring about this guy! Love you, babe! Thanks for the VIP tickets!!