Sunday, August 14, 2005

Black Creek Golf Club

On August 1st & 2nd, we went to the Black Creek Golf Club in Bryan County, Georgia. We were there with a lot of family to see our nephew, Will McCurdy, compete in the Black Creek Junior Classic - 2005. This is a Southeastern Junior Golf Tour (SJGT) tournament.

We followed Will around the course in 5 golf carts (Will had more fans than all other competitors combined (slight exaggeration)) and were all amazed by his level of play. Amy and I hadn't seen him compete in a tournament and he was fantastic. He came in third place in his age group.

The bottom picture is Will with his trophy and his good friend Blake Watts, who finshed second in the 16-18 age group.


yfml said...

This is the stuff wonderful memories are made of - Will appreciated having his family support him and especially his aunt and uncle. When he thought he might not get in the tournament, he called the head honcho and said , "My aunt and uncle are coming all the way from Texas to watch me and I NEED to be there !"

Eber said...

All you need to say is watch out Tiger and Phil, Will is on his way. Good job Will, proud of you my man!

The aunt from Texas said...

If I ever run into Vijay Singh (Will's favorite golfer) on the street, I will be sure to get his autograph and tell him he's got some tough competition from a cool kid in AL!