Sunday, August 14, 2005

Casas for CASA - Lakeline

Yesterday, Amy and I went to see the Casas for CASA playhouses. They are being raffled off as a fundraiser. Last year, the event raised $59,000. The hope is that this year (the 14th) will raise even more. These are the playhouses that were on diplay at Lakeline Mall until yesterday.


yfml said...

These playhouses are awesome ! If I had a young child, I would certainly want one for them. Good luck on the sales !

eber said...

That is such an awesome fundraiser. Those builders are very good people to donate their time and efforts to CASA. Amy does some very special work to anyone who might not realize it. But I am sure that you all do, so don't give me grief now! She should be appreciated, that's all.

I love the house of books!..... library or whatever it is called.