Sunday, December 11, 2005

Craftsman Toolbox

Red Craftsman Toolbox
We've really made great strides at getting our house clean and organized. One of the worst areas are my workbenches. This is the answer to that. I bought both pieces for $149 (normally $219) at Sears.Com.

It was a fantastic online shopping experience. I ordered it Wednesday night when I got home from work (for store pickup). Friday, I ran by the Sears at Hancock Center. I walked to the (unattended) merchandise pickup area. There was a kiosk and I scanned the card I'd used to make the purchase. My name appeared on a TV on the wall with a timer that showed how long I'd been waiting. I had been there about 5 minutes, when a guy brought out the chest and cabinet on a hand truck and rolled it right out to the Jeep and loaded it.

I've ordered online for store pickup from other companies and it seems that each time, there's 5 minutes of confusion, followed by someone saying "OH! This is an online order!". This is after I've told them that I'm here to pick up an order that I placed online. Sears has this down to an art. I'm glad to see them doing things well, as I worked for them for almost three years while I was in college.


yfml said...

Wow ! Forget about putting this in the garage ! It is pretty enough to use as a chest of drawers !!!!!!

eber said...

That is awesome! Now you can come over and help me with that carburetor that you are always promising to fix....

Do we dare call me Mr. Organized now???

eber said...

Uhhh, you can fix the above comment... meant to say YOU instead of ME....damn spealllcheack! or grammar check, whatever. I should definitely preview statements from now on.