Thursday, December 15, 2005

Business Card Rant

5 Things that will make me throw your business card away:
  • Format the phone number with periods. (800) 555-1212 is the correct way to format a phone number. 800.555.1212 is not.
  • Make it slick and shiny.
  • Make sure your picture covers 33% of the surface area.
  • Put a registered trademark after your job title. The one I'm looking at says "REALTOR®"
  • Put some information on the card with such a small font that it looks like a squiggly line.
The business card a friend handed me a couple of days ago for a realtor meets the last four, but the phone number was formatted correctly.

1 comment:

yfml said...

Okay - a person can lose their real estate license if they use the word Realtor publicly without putting the trademark - then every real estate school you ever attend recommends that a licensee spend most of their advertising dollars on personal promotion (pictures of themselves, name recognition, etc.) and I guess if you put a life-sized portrait of yourself on a business card, everything else has to be "squiggly sized" ! So there's my two cents worth !