Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conversion to iTunes

I have never completely moved our CD collection to the computer. I've started and stopped a few times, but now that Amy is getting an White Apple 4 GB iPod Nano for Christmas, I am using iTunes to rip and convert our entire CD collection. We have more CD's than I thought, I've been working on it for a few evenings and I'm just now completing the C's. I'm using Amy's system and it has two optical drives. I have iTunes set so that when I insert a CD, it rips it, converts it to AAC format, then ejects the CD. Because of the two drives, it's working almost continuously.

Once the album has been stored in the iTunes Library, I run iTunes Art Importer to capture the album art. This way, the screen on the Nano will always show the album cover on the CD.

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eber said...

That is awesome E! I have been contemplating the purchase of a nano myself. I have had my 40GB iPod for almost 2 years and I love it. I am sending it back to apple to have the battery replaced this weekend for about $60, but it is worth it.

They are perfect for the gym, cleaning the house, whatever! You guys will love it!

I now have all of my CD's on the computer as well. My iTunes now has 7,423 songs which is 30.33 GB and 21.4 days worth of continuous music.

It has changed my life... well, somewhat.