Friday, September 23, 2005

Safe in Austin...

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts yesterday.

My mother made it to Giddings, TX last night. It took her nearly twelve hours to drive the 122 miles. We had her stay there and we met her at a Dairy Queen. We wanted to avoid 290 into Austin, because of the traffic, those people had been on the road for many hours and were more accident-prone.

Amy and I arrived in Giddings at 8:30 and I drove Mom in the Jeep and Amy followed in Mom's car. We took 77 north to Lexington. We then took 112 to Taylor and then on to Round Rock. Traffic wasn't bad and we made it home safely.

Amy and I will be going to work today and Mom will be on her own. She has her car and knows her way around Round Rock, so she'll be fine.

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yfml said...

We are grateful you are all safe. Be careful and tell your mom we said "hello" and we are so thankful for her safe arrival.