Monday, September 12, 2005

Booth or Table ?

This is an odd question to be asked at a restaurant. Even when you're sitting in a booth, you're eating at a table. The more correct way to ask the question would be "Booth or chair(s) ?".


yfml said...

Something to keep you torn up all the time, isn't there?

eber said...

Booth, but not just any booth. I want the booth in the semi-circle that you have to slide half way around to get to the middle. I want the booth that a "Don" would sit in while talking to the godfather.

You know the one...the booth in the back of the smokey restaurant where you have to pass through the beads hanging from the ceiling to get to.

I always feel way too exposed in a table all out in the middle of a room, just waiting to be wacked. I would rather sit in the gangsta booth with my gat strapped underneath the table ready to give some lackey what's comin' to him.

You like tables??? Fagettaboutit!