Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What? No more Passport club??

I just became a Passport member at TacoMac on Sunday and today, I got an email that the program is changing. I look forward to see what they are gonna do!
Heads Up Passport Club Members! Beginning September 1, 2009, The name of the Passport Club WILL BE CHANGING to Taco Mac Brewniversity. There are many changes that will be applied along with this name change. The name of the current levels will be changing, AND we will be implementing new levels for those of you that have over 325 beers on your card. You can also look for new developments on the Passport Club/Soon to be Brewniversity website! It will be more interactive, and will guide you in your selections before you visit Taco Mac. That's not all! We will also be testing a Customer Kiosk at 2 of our stores (Metropolis & Ellard Village), where you will be able to swipe your own card, and look at your list before you sit down! The website and Customer Kiosk will be an ongoing development, per YOUR requests....REMEMBER, You asked for Passport Club Updates, and we have responded! We look forward to rolling this program out. Look for more detailed descriptions on the changes from our Beverage Director Fred Crudder, and within the stores themselves in the upcoming weeks.

Here's to the the road to Graduation!


Sara Isbell Quinn said...

Since you just became a member of the Passport Club, I'll bet you won't notice what the changes are ---- being as you don't know what it was like before they made the changes! (If that doesn't sound like a quote from Seinfeld, I don't know what does) !

Carl said...

I've long ago written off T'Mac...spent WAY too much $$ there to get to 325 and very little to show for it. The name change is pretty awful; can you imagine telling people you're a member of the Brewne-WHAT? No thanks.