Sunday, August 02, 2009

Taco Mac - Passport Member

When we moved to Atlanta in 2006, we discovered Taco Mac. It's a great restaurant with a wonderful beer selection. A couple of years ago, I joined their Passport Club. Today. I become an actual member. I have currently had 123 unique beers and today friends are meeting us at the Decatur location, where I plan to have 124 and 125.
Once you try your 125th unique beer in Taco Mac®, you receive the Passport Member T-Shirt. Congratulations, you are now officially in the club! Your name will be posted on a black nameplate on our Passport Club plaque and you will receive a 20 ounce engraved mug to take home with you. Better yet, you can enjoy draft beer out of a 20 ounce mug at the 16 ounce price from now on!

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