Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tickling the ivories

This is a great article about Kristen, our niece (from her local newspaper).
Many high school seniors hope to receive some type of scholarship to the school of their choice to help them through college.

A Fort Payne High School junior has already achieved that goal.

Kristen Tcherneshoff has played piano since she was about 5 years old, and it is beginning to pay off.

Tcherneshoff competed in a competition at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and walked away with a four-year full scholarship.

“I feel very honored to have gotten the scholarship,” Tcherneshoff said.

Tcherneshoff said playing piano seemed fitting because she grew up hearing her grandmother and aunt play. It was something that always interested her.

“It’s almost like a generation thing,” Tcherneshoff said. “I remember hearing them play and thought it was something I would enjoy doing.”

Tcherneshoff’s schedule is chock full of piano playing.

“On Sunday, I play at Valley Head Baptist where I attend church,” Tcherneshoff said. “I leave there and drive to play with an orchestra in Gadsden and then go back to church Sunday night.”

Tcherneshoff travels to Chattanooga, Tenn. every Tuesday to take piano lessons from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga music professor Deanne Rivine.

Tcherneshoff said she tries to get in several hours of practice a night but it’s difficult with her schedule.

“I try to practice about three hours a night,” Tcherneshoff said. “It’s hard through the week because of school but I get in many hours on Saturdays.”

Tcherneshoff said she still has another year to decide if she will accept the scholarship to UA.

“They sent me a letter and told me they would hold my scholarship,” Tcherneshoff.

Tcherneshoff said she is leaning toward going to Alabama but will scope out all possible options.

“There are schools that I’ve always wanted to go to, so I’m not going to rule them out,” she said. “But I’m definitely leaning toward Alabama.”

Tcherneshoff said her parents are proud and excited for her accomplishment.

“My dad is the world’s number one Alabama fan,” Tcherneshoff said. “Both of them are very excited and very supportive.”

Tcherneshoff said her favorite composer to play and listen to is Frederick Chopin.

She plays from a program that includes Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Tcherneshoff said another passion of hers is the violin.

“I’ve always wanted to learn the violin,” Tcherneshoff said. “A friend gave me one as a Christmas present last year, and I’ve been learning. It’s a little difficult.”

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Sara Quinn said...

Our young relatives always make us proud, don't they? Good luck, Kristen! You will always have our love and support!