Saturday, January 31, 2009

Municipal Wifi in Decatur - Free for 2hrs per day!

cgs_citysvcs_atr_technology_wireless: "January 2009
Decatur Wi-Fi Network
Wireless Network Complete

After two years of network design and construction, the City’s wireless network is complete. The network consists of 190 wireless mesh radios over approximately 4 square miles within the City limits. The radios are attached to a variety of structures including Georgia Power utility poles, traffic signal poles, city-owned poles, and government and commercial buildings.

The network provides outdoor, high-speed Internet access to devices with wireless networking capabilities. For indoor access, most users will need a device called a CPE (consumer premise equipment) or wireless modem to strengthen the signal.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am in the service area?

Due to the general nature of wireless technology and the limits presented by the City's foliage and terrain, some areas of the City will not be covered. For general coverage information, refer to the attached coverage map.

Using the wireless utility on your computer, search for wireless networks. The City’s network is called ‘DecaturWiFi’. If you can see ‘DecaturWiFi’ then you are in the service area.

How do I connect to the network?

1-Enable your wireless (WiFi) device

2-Connect to the SSID “DecaturWiFi”

3-Launch your Internet browser"

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Dan said...

Wi-Fi is what fiber optics was to copper wire, superior. In the next 10 years when wireless services are on par with wired options everything is probably going to be wireless. You won't have to worry about plugging your computer in with the exception of the power source. Having said that, a good wireless technology that recently has emerged known as WiMax is currently being offered in Portland, Oregon. It's offered by a company called Clear . As I said, they only offer the service in Oregon but plan on expanding to other areas soon. If you live around the area you might want to give it a look.