Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Please Auburn!

Please don't consider this jackass to replace Tommy Tuberville. The reason you won't see this person's name in my blog is that I don't want to drive the buzz surrounding him by inflating his Google ranking.


Eric Schulz said...

I just heard that there's a clause in his contract and he can't go to another SEC West school. Woohoo! I can't imagine a world where this #%#@& is the coach at Auburn.

Sara Quinn said...

I don't want this unnamed jackass but I don't won't other out-of-work coaches like Fulmer and Croom and I don't want Spurier or another cocky one like him. I personally think we should have kept the one we had but Tubs probably got tired of some of the board members who have been after his job for a long time!
I heard Leach at Texas Tech as a prospect.

Justin said...

The AD at Auburn said Leach "wouldn't fit in the SEC" which is pretty true. Leach is a freaking maniac, not like in the spurrier football maniac sense, but like the clinically insane maniac sense.

Auburn should go after Chris Peterson, the guy from Boise State, he'd be a great fit IMO. The coach from Tulsa interviewed the other day but I don't think he would be any improvement over Tuberville.