Saturday, December 13, 2008

Auburn's new coach?

Gene Chizik from the (I can't even find it on a map and my GPS never heard of it) Iowa State may be our new coach. His record as a head coach ? 5 & 19. His conference record last year as a head coach ? 0 - 8. Wow. I'm hopeful that this is speculation, but The Birmingham News is reporting, from a story they picked up from Iowa TV station KCCI.


Anonymous said...
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Sara Quinn said...

It's a good thing Auburn fans are so loyal - we support AU no matter what! I personally wanted Tuberville to stay and think he would have been a much better choice than the one they chose - but for some reason, I wasn't home when they called to ask my opinion! So, Chizik is now MY coach and I hope he is highly successful at Auburn!!!