Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jury Duty Recap

  • 06:30 Arrived at East Lake MARTA station in Decatur
  • 06:40 Arrived via train at Five Points MARTA Station in downtown Atlanta
  • 07:00 Arrived at court location to find out the building doesn't open until 7:30
  • 07:05 Walked around downtown until I found a place to get breakfast
  • 07:35 Arrived at court location
  • 07:45 Reported for 8:00 summons
  • 08:30 Watched a video about how the courtroom experience will be.
  • 09:30 First state jurors called
  • 09:45 Started dozing off every five minutes or so
  • 10:15 Unable to post to my blog, not sure why. Messaging application is hanging and I've rebooted my phone three times already.
  • 10:30 First Superior court jurors report to courtroom 5b. This is my group, but I wasn't lucky enough to have my name butchered by the loud lady at the podium
  • 11:25 More state jurors called. (They think they're so fancy with their red badges!)
  • 11:30 A woman's stomach growled so loud that 3 ceiling tiles fell out
  • 11:35 I decide to let y'all know that the last entry was entirely fabricated. None of it was true.
  • 12:00 I was released. My service is complete.
  • 12:15 Finally got gold teeth story posted on my blog.
  • 12:30 Arrived back at East Lake station.
  • 12:32 Headed to work. I guess I'll eat in the cafeteria.


Amy R Shipp said...

That's a lot more details than you've ever recounted about a day at your actual job. Any chance you could be a professional potential alternate juror?

eber said...

now that's my kind of morning! glad you were released.

Sara Quinn said...

I was summoned to jury duty once in Florida and they told me to prepare for a 3-week trial where the jury would be sequestered in a motel and to make my plans accordingly. If you got irritated by the woman's stomach growling and the loud lady mispronouncing names - just imagine what three weeks of that would have been!

"Making my plans accordingly" included slitting my wrists and jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge! Fortunately, I didn't have to serve.

bugdog said...

hey, when you get a chance, email me and let me know you're ok.
~Kelly D.