Saturday, March 15, 2008

Downtown Atlanta - Tornado

tornado1, originally uploaded by kenbruger.

A tornado came through downtown Atlanta last night. You may be aware that until a couple of weeks ago, we lived in downtown (actually, Midtown). We're OK, there wasn't any problem in Decatur (that we're aware of).

Last night, we walked to a couple of bars in the area and when we left the second bar at 9:45, it was pouring down. We ran to a convenience store and bought garbage bags to use for raincoats. We went to bed soon after we got home.

We were aware through the night that the storm was continuing. This morning when I turned on the TV, I learned just how bad it was last night.

Thanks to Ken for the great picture. Be sure and check out his flckr account to see his additional photos.


Sara Quinn said...

Very glad you were not walking downtown when that storm came. I understand it came without much warning.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're OK. Hope everything is well for you and Amy.

Brian Stubbs