Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good luck, Michael Righi!

Nearly three years ago, I mentioned on this blog that it is possible to avoid the receipt checkers at Fry's. I continue to avoid showing my receipt when leaving a store. If they ask me to show it a second time, I always let them. Here's a great story about a guy that refused to and the trouble he got into. I'm sure that his lawsuit(s) will be successful.


Sara Quinn said...

I don't really know how I feel about this. I am all for civil rights but I am trying to imagine the poor guy who has been hired by Circuit City to check those receipts and the cop who has been hired to enforce the law as it has been told to him and then having to deal with someone who doesn't refuses to cooperate. Even you said after the second request, you give in and show your receipt.

I think we have to pick our battles in life and in my opinion, the battle over showing a receipt "ain't worth fighting". I shudder to think of how much tax money it will cost to litigage something like this complaint. Money that could be spent more wisely taking care of the major problems we have - like rebuilding the gulf coast area. Okay, that's my two cents worth.

Sara Quinn said...

That should be "doesn't cooperate" or "refuses to cooperate" - not "doesn't refuses". You know the English teacher in me couldn't let that go without correcting. :)