Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Industries Kombat Monster Energy Helmet

This is the helmet I ordered this afternoon. There are two questions that might immediately jump to mind. Here are the answers to those two questions.
  • I am purchasing an ATV for the heck of it
  • My huge head is so large that a helmet must be special-ordered. If I only had a normal (or even an extra large) human-sized cranium, then I could have had my pick of 100 different models that were in stock.


Sara Quinn said...

Look at it this way - you have to have a large head to house your enormous brain! (I think that makes up for the fact that your head is not used to grow hair!)

Can't wait to see you decked out with your new helmet on your sporty ride!

Just Blaze said...

Wow, your helmet comes sponsored by Monster energy drink. That's pretty sweet.