Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Auburn's Gandy gives up football

Auburn linebacker Steve Gandy is giving up football after sustaining his fourth concussion in eight months.


Just Blaze said...

That sucks. I'm sure it won't bother you much, but did you hear about Alabama's Tyrone Prothro? That kid that made that amazing catch behind the back of a defender a few years back. He broke his leg REALLLLY BAD (worse than a normal break.) They announced a week or so ago that he was giving up football, and won't ever be able to play again. It's a real shame.

Sara Quinn said...

A good reason I'm glad my grandson plays golf instead of football.

I know the Prothro kid (he's from Heflin) and the day I saw him break his leg, I predicted he would never play again. It was really tragic.