Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The beginning of the end of summer

Yesterday, I stopped by WalMart. They had the school supply lists out. This is the thing I dreaded all summer. It meant that my fun would soon come to an end.


eber said...

But at least you can find those REALLY fat pencils that the kids use in first grade (I hope that they still use them...I do), and those things are hard to find during certain times of the year.

I always used to hate going back to school. End of the summer was coming, no more sleeping late, couldn't go swimming all day, had to put up with some weird kids on the schoolbus...oh yeah that kid was me, nevermind.

But there is just something about the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the feel of crisp double line notebook paper.

Think I might go buy a backpack and a couple of protractors...see ya later....

yfml said...

I don't have very fond memories of school starting again either. One time I had to stand in front of class and consume an entire piece of notebook paper ! Teacher thought I was chewing gum and began the chastisement and I said it was just a little piece of paper I was chewing. She said since I liked eating paper so much I could eat a whole piece ! This day in time, that would probably get her 5 to 10 in the pokey !