Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chai - Wiener dog extraordinaire

Originally uploaded by eschulz.
Sunday, we spent most of the day in Buda, TX at the Wiener Dog Races. It was a great day. Chai held her own against dogs who were much larger ('much' is a relative term when used regarding wiener dogs). She made it to the quarter finals and then to the semifinals, where she was almost triumphant. I hope to have a DVD available in the next week or two for those fans of Chai. Chai fever is everywhere. Catch it.

Chai is owned & managed by Rachael & Jonathan. Please contact them for any possible endorsement deals.


Anonymous said...

I've been checking every day for a picture of Chai ! Thanks for sharing. What an adorable dog ! YFML

Anonymous said...

what a fun day! thank you eric, amy and kerri for sticking in there and for being such a great cheering section! chai may not have come in first but she definitly had the #1 loudest cheering section. we have attempted to figure out the math and out of 481 dogs she came in between 21st-30th. go chai!!!!

Amy said...

I will get my pictures developed this weekend. There's a slight possibility that I have an even CUTER picture of Chai than what you've already posted!

Richpoo said...
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