Saturday, June 27, 2009


If you want to make your USB flash drive very capable, install LiberKey on it. It has up to 264 applications. It is cooler than PortableApps for one big reason and that is that it can update all of the applications at one time. If you had a drive that you hadn’t used in a month or two, with LiberKey, you could update all of the applications by choosing check software updates. If you had a flash drive with PortableApps, you would have to use the current version, or reinstall each application that had been updated. I have a fast Lexar 2GB drive and have the Ultimate edition installed with a few options.


Anonymous said...

Liberkey has stolen software from in the past:

Most of the software they package is done illegally and/or stolen from other projects. Their stuff is all closed stuff and the updater requires your email address. And it leaves stuff behind on every PC you run it on. It also screwed up my local install of firefox. Thanks but no thanks NoLibertyKey!

Eric Schulz said...

Thanks for the heads-up. That's good information!