Sunday, April 12, 2009

Italy Trip - Hotels

In about a month, we're headed to Italy with Sara and John. I plan to post a number of notes, so that I will have an easy place to find the information. Here are the hotels we are staying in:

Night 1 - Sheraton Golf (Rome)
Night 2 & 3 - Regina Cristina (Isle of Capri)
Night 4 - Grand Hotel or Giotto (Assisi)
Nights 5 & 6 - NH Laguna Palace (Venice)
Nights 7 & 8 - Tettuccio or Minerva Palace (Montecatini)
Nights 9 & 10 - Borromini or Aran Mantegna (Rome)

1 comment:

Sara Quinn said...

This will be a long month for me - waiting to go! I am so ready and really couldn't be more excited!!!