Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update: Oakhurst Fire Station

You may remember, that about four months ago, I blogged about the Oakhurst Fire Station. Well, it was there when I went to work, but when I got back, all I saw was rubble. I went to the city's website and apparently we're getting a new firestation:

Construction to Start on Decatur Fire Station No. 2 in Oakhurst Village

The City Commission has awarded a contract for the construction of Fire Station No. 2 to the low bidder, Ward General Contractors of Kennesaw, in the amount of $1,434,000. The new fire station is located at 356 West Hill Street in Oakhurst Village.

Construction of the new fire station is being funded by the City’s capital bond program. LP3 Architects of Decatur designed the building, which is expected to be the City of Decatur’s first LEED certified building. Construction is expected to begin during the week of July 21, 2008 and to last about 10 months.

Here's the artist's rendering of the new one.


Amy R Shipp said... pyro in the back yard for the next 10 months? Al will never come to see us now.

eber said...

Are they parking the engines at your house for the next 10 months?