Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movie Tavern is here!

Movie Taverns consist of two concepts: the "Original" style locations that provide counter-service in the lobby and the "Premier" locations that provide full wait-staff service in each theatre. Both style of Movie Taverns combine first-run movies with a casual dining menu offering a wide range of choices that include half-pound burgers, homemade pizzas, chicken sandwiches, wings and fries, appetizers, beer, wine, and margaritas. Of course, you can always get traditional concession items, such as soft drinks, candy, and fresh-popped popcorn as well.

We've been waiting for a replacement for our beloved Alamo Drafthouse since we left Austin. Hopefully this will be it. We hope to check out next weekend to see Iron Man. This chain exists in Houston where Alamo also exists, so we have some hope that it will be 50% as good as Alamo.

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Justin said...

I too have been searching for a replacement for the fabulous Alamo Drafthouse since I left Austin. It's one of the things that I REALLY miss about Austin. It's surprising more people haven't copied this business model, I imagine it would be successful in just about any major city.