Friday, June 22, 2007

Correspondence about the Break-In!

Saturday, I recieved the following in a post card.
This notice is to inform you that the report you made to the Atlanta Police Department is being investigated by the Zone 6 Investigations Unit.
It is important that you contact me as soon as possible regarding this report. Your assistance is necessary to bring this case to a successful conclusion.

Please call me between the hour of ___7____ and ___3___ any day except _Sun_ and _Mon_.

Esta noticia es para informarle que el reporte que usted hizo con la Policia de Atlant esta investigacion con el departmento de investigaciones en la Zone 6.
Es importante que usted(es) se comunique lo mas pronto posible sobre este reporte. Su asistencia es necesario para una conclusion prosperosa.

Por favor llame entre las horas de ____ y _____ cualquier dia menos ____ y ____

I couldn't call Sunday or Monday. Tuesday, I forgot to take the postcard with me, so I didn't have the number. Wednesday, I called and the investigator was out. I called Thursday and was finally able to speak to the investigator. She said they were just checking to see if I had any questions and to let me know the report number, which I already knew.

Why would the City of Atlanta waste taxpayers money by sending a stamped postcard and answering two unnecessary phone calls for no reason? If the postcard is deemed to be of some value, then they should change the wording to something like this:

This notice is to inform you that the report you made to the Atlanta Police Department has been sent to the Zone 6 Investigations Unit. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Please note the Incident report is listed in the bottom left corner of the postcard.

Este aviso es informarte que el informe que hiciste al policía de Atlanta el departamento se ha enviado a la unidad de las investigaciones de la zona 6. Si tienes preguntas, sentirte por favor libre entrarme en contacto con. Observar por favor el informe de incidente se enumera en la esquina izquierda inferior de la postal.
Why just Spanish and English ? Why not Japanese ?

この通知はあなたがアトランタの警察に作ったレポートが地帯6の調査の単位に送られたこと知らせることである。 質問を有したら、私に連絡すること自由に感じなさい。 以下の事項に注意して下さい:事件レポートは郵便はがきの左下のコーナーにリストされている。

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