Friday, April 13, 2007

The Miracles of Modern Medicine

Two and half weeks ago, I fell in the backyard and injured my foot. That day, I ended up walking 2.5 miles after the injury. When I got home, my foot and ankle were clearly injured, but in my opinion (not to mention the opinion of a dentist and a medical social worker) that my ankle was not sprained. So, ever since then, my foot has been getting better each day (the ankle never hurt after the first day). However, due to my advanced age and fear of hurting something else because I’d been walking like Dr. Gregory House for the past couple of weeks, I decided to go to a doctor. The office visit was $30 and it cost $179 for three X-Rays of my foot. It was worth it, however, because now (well actually in 10 days after my second visit), I feel sure that I will be told that my foot was injured in the fall and will heal in time.


Sara Quinn said...

In the future, if you have a serious medical problem, I wouldn't rely too heavily on the advice of a dentist and medical social worker. They are both brilliant but remember, they were both barely breathing after that race and their brain was oxygen-deprived at the time.

Eric Schulz said...

Are you saying that they share a brain ?