Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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Consider this graffiti in response to my wife's tagging me.

Five weird things about me (it was hard to.... (never mind, nobody's buying that))

  1. I have a wildly inflated sense of Ego because of my blog.
  2. I have never liked, nor been in favor of, moving the headlight dimmer switch to a steering wheel stalk. I liked the button on the floorboard near the dead pedal where God intended it to be.
  3. Even now, I absolutely despise getting haircuts.
  4. I believe in quantity over quality when it comes to humor (and it shows)
  5. I can't set the thermostat at our house and I have to have Amy do it. It's programmable, but who can figure these things out?

I choose to tag Al and Justin. Enjoy!

(Both of them could use some fresh content)

1 comment:

Sara Quinn said...

Hard to narrow it down to 5 ? I think your weirdness is what makes us like you so much !